We are a family of four from Chile who came to Santa Teresa  Malpais  ,Costa Rica ,looking for a place to grow and contribute to a community as well as find the quality of life that this country offers in its leisurely pace and friendly people along with a warm climate and it's privileged coast. We chose Santa Teresa  Malpais area as our place to live. With a goal of giving back to others in our community, we have developed a resort out of respect to the environment all of which we designed as well as landscaped by our family. We offer HOUSES FOR RENT and a RESTAURANT to enjoy our cuisine. The buildings are constructed from wood that I have chosen and imported and built by our own means. We created the restaurant menu and selections; we know it's a gamble, but we are confident that we can honestly offer something unique to that found otherwise locally.

We are located 200 meters from the best surfing beach, 200 meters north of Hostal Brunela and 200 meters south of the Lora Amarilla; our privileged location guarantees you a most well-deserved holiday in both a familiar and safe environment.

We have chosen this beautiful place to live and raise our children which from now on is our responsibility to care for as the Costa Ricans have preserved. This is an invitation to discover Santa Teresa Malpais area, Costa Rica and the effort that our family makes daily; welcome.